Why We Don’t Offer Unlimited Plans

All Internet Service Providers (or ISPs) offering NBN plans need to cover the same basic wholesale costs of delivering the service. Unlimited NBN plan providers need to make sure that they meet their cost of delivering the service, but how can they be sure of doing that if there are no limits?

Limited Speeds – Many Unlimited NBN plans are offered only on the 12/1 speed tier. At speeds similar to or slower than ADSL, there’s only so much data users can push through at a time, so their usage will be limited by the speed. Most people would benefit more from a higher speed tier than a larger data limit.
Reasonable Use Policies – Unlimited NBN plans are often accompanied by small print which reveals that they are subject to a “reasonable use policy”. This means any service that exceeds a limit the service provider deems “reasonable” can be cut off. Unlimited plans on a reasonable use policy aren’t unlimited – they just have a secret cap.
Overselling to Low Use Consumers – ISPs can offset the cost of providing Unlimited NBN plans to high data consuming customers by recommending the plans to low use customers – people who would be better off on a cheaper plan because they will not get value out of Unlimited NBN. A plan that has a cap you never reach is functionally indistinguishable from an Unlimited NBN plan, but often much cheaper. We prefer to help you identify what you actually need to keep your costs down.
Contracted Services – Many providers offering Unlimited NBN plans require a long contract period of 12 or 24 months and it’s common for consumers to find themselves trapped on a plan that no longer suits their usage or budget. Families with older teenagers often fall into this trap – once the kids move out and and household usage plummets, the consumer is stuck with their expensive plan until the contract expires.
Undersupplying CVC – The infamous CVC that is the cause of congestion woes for customers of so many NBN services.
If ISPs do not purchase enough bandwidth from NBN, several things happen:
* Consumers find their services run slowly at peak times
* Slow services consume less data
* ISPs save on their cost of supplying the service.
Because we set a cap on each of our plans, we’re better able to predict usage and purchase sufficient NBN bandwidth – no peak congestion, no artificially limited data speeds. Without “Unlimited” data users, DCSI can ensure all NBN customers have a better, more consistent experience, at all times of the day.
Allowing Power Users To Make Things Worse For Everyday Consumers – When high consumption users have Unlimited NBN access, they can degrade the service quality for other users. Our high limit plans mean most consumers won’t have any worries about reaching their data cap, and the minority of users whose monthly consumption is extreme can’t abuse the service, driving up costs or driving down service quality.
Offshore Call Centres – DCSI chooses to employ local people, keeping your dollars in the local economy and giving you access to a team with local knowledge who are affected by local issues just like you. We care… not just because you’re our customers, but because you’re our neighbours.

DCSI doesn’t offer NBN Unlimited plans because we don’t want to sign people on to restrictive speed tiers, add sneaky reasonable use policies, oversell to our low consuming customers, trap consumers on contracts, undersupply CVC, allow power users to degrade the service, or move to an off-shore support desk. We just want to offer a reasonably priced NBN service backed by a great support team.