What Is DDoS? How And Why DCSI Protect Your Service

What is DDoS?

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks can take many forms, but most prevalently it is simply a large flood of data directed toward an IP address on the internet, with the intention of exceeding its connection capacity to effectively knock it offline for a period of time – or, to put it another way, an attacker sends so much traffic through your internet connection that it stops working.

With the increasing popularity of DDoS-as-a-service tools, the ease with which an unskilled person can execute such an attack has meant a rise in their occurrence.

How it impacts you

If you’re targeted by a DDoS – perhaps you’ve beaten someone in an online game, or possibly you’ve even been mistakenly targeted – the impact on you is two-fold. First, it can render your internet service unusable for the duration of the attack (typically just a few minutes, but a motivated attacker could launch an assault that lasts hours, days, or more). Secondly, once your service does recover, you may find that your plan’s data usage allowance has been exceeded because of the massive amount of data sent toward your service and therefore counted against your usage.

How we protect you

DCSI in partnership with Anycast Networks has operated custom-built, state-of-the-art DDoS protection systems for over 2 years to date. These systems respond to an attack automatically within just a few seconds of it starting, and move to route the traffic through “scrubbers” which strip out the attack traffic before it even reaches your service, while still allowing the “good” traffic to come through untouched. This means that your connection doesn’t go offline, and you don’t get a big spike of data on your usage allowance. It’s as though the attack never even happened.

This protection is always on, all the time, for all DCSI broadband customers.