FAQ: Acceler8ed Broadband

What is Acceler8ed Wireless?

Acceler8ed Wireless was the previous name of Acceler8ed Broadband. Same great broadband, delivered wirelessly to you.

Ok, so what is Acceler8ed Broadband?

Acceler8ed Broadband is a wireless internet solution exclusive to DCSI.

Acceler8ed Broadband is the latest evolution in Fixed Wireless technology, delivering unparalleled speed and reliability. Drawing on more than a decade of experience in delivering Fixed Wireless services across Gippsland, DCSI had the right background to understand that an Acceler8ed Broadband Network would meet the current and future internet needs of households and businesses, and the skills to make it happen.

What are the advantages of Acceler8ed Broadband?

Acceler8ed Broadband is fast and reliable.

Households use their connections in entirely different ways now compared to 20, 10, even 5 years ago. The rise of Netflix, the ubiquity of portable internet-enabled devices, the move to VoIP and away from copper landline services… these are all part of the ever-changing internet landscape.

Acceler8ed Broadband is based on technology developed specifically to support modern internet use and habits, and as such the key attributes are the speed and stability of the service. The internet is no longer a hobby that we indulge in during downtime – it’s part of the fabric of our everyday lives, and as such we need connections we can rely upon, and the speeds to handle anything and everything we want to do with the connections.

How does Acceler8ed Broadband differ from other solutions?

Acceler8ed Broadband is today’s technology, built and supported by a local team.

Acceler8ed Broadband is purpose built. Legacy issues that come from stacking new uses onto infrastructure that was never designed to handle it are eliminated with Accler8ed Broadband, which is an entirely new evolution in technology, new infrastructure and supported by all-new systems.

The reliability of Accler8ed Broadband is further enhanced by a dedicated support team. The emphasis is on solutions that work for the long-term, and with their in-depth knowledge of the network they built, our local support technicians have every advantage over other networks that are serviced by out-of-area subcontractors.

Would Acceler8ed Broadband be right for my household? What sort of households does it suit?

Acceler8ed Broadband has a plan to suit all households.

Acceler8ed Broadband is suitable for a wide range of households, from empty nesters to young professionals, from singles to large families, and we have a range of plans to meet the needs of all. Whether you’re just checking your email and the weather, or using VoIP to phone family and friends across the world, or leading your gaming guild to victory, or streaming all your household’s entertainment, or making sure the kids can get their homework done, there’s an Acceler8ed plan that’s right for you.

The beauty of Acceler8ed Broadband is that the reliability makes it the simple, straight-forward choice for internet novices, while the connection has the oomph to cope with those who really put their connection through its paces.

If I’m in an nbntm or privately owned fibre area, can I choose Acceler8ed Broadband?

Households in Acceler8ed Broadband-enabled areas have the freedom to choose.

You may think you are limited in your choice of providers, but as a stand-alone network our Acceler8ed Broadband can be available to premises that otherwise would be restricted in their internet options. Acceler8ed Broadband may be the alternative you’ve been hoping for.

Will I be on a contract with Acceler8ed Broadband?

You are not locked in to a contract with any DCSI service.

One of our values is to make sure the services we deliver give people the flexibility they need, as we understand that life changes aren’t always planned. With DCSI, you are not under contract. This means when your circumstances change, you can change your plan or discontinue your service without penalty or other nasty surprises.

What is required to install Acceler8ed Broadband?

Site assessment, activation and installation is all done for you.

Acceler8ed Broadband services are available within an ever-expanding area in West Gippsland, with services currently available in Yarragon, Warragul, Drouin, Pakenham, Officer, Leongatha and surrounding areas.

Upon application, your address is assessed by technicians to ensure it is within the serviceable area of a tower. A site visit is conducted to ensure there are no barriers to installation of the service and to test the strength of signal at the site, and then the service is fully installed by our technicians.

The service is connected to your property via an unobtrusive antenna fitted to the outside of the property and a simple internal wall port.

What plans are available on Acceler8ed Broadband?

You can choose from any of the current plans on our site.

DCSI’s range of Acceler8ed Broadband plans are designed to accommodate all uses, from the very basic through to the data-intense. Plans start from as little as $50 a month for 100GB. What’s more, with Acceler8ed Broadband we don’t limit your speeds and charge you more to go faster. Acceler8ed Broadband is an Open Speed service – this means you could see up to to 50Mbps on any plan.  UPDATE: As of 13 May 2019, Accler8ed Broadband services have received an over-the-air update that lifts the download speed potential to 60Mbps. Read more here.

Want to know more? Check out the full range here.

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