Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) ensures that the Telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls) Industry Standard provides safeguards to enable Australians to manage unwanted telemarketing. These include identification requirements, restrictions on permissible calling hours, and enforcement of compliance with the Do Not Call Register.

You can add your number to the Australian Do Not Call Register, or update your listing, at https://www.donotcall.gov.au/

The ACMA website provides more detailed information on protecting yourself from unwanted marketing calls, and your rights . Two articles that may be of use are linked below.



In addition to listing yourself on the Do Not Call register, you should take advantage of any call blocking features that may be available on your handset to block persistent callers. The manufacturer’s guide will explain how you can activate this feature, or you can use Google to find instructions online for many common handsets. If your handset does not include this feature, consider replacing it with one that does.

Acceler8ed Has Been Accelerated

With the successful launch of our Acceler8ed Broadband service in 2017, DCSI gave Gippslanders an alternative option for 50/20 broadband that delivered the benefits of an locally owned and serviced network with a focus on quality and reliability. The popularity of our Acceler8ed Broadband boomed as we expanded our service area and opened up terabyte-plus plans, and through it all we kept the cost of the service competitive with the national option.

Now we’ve gone a step further. Acceler8ed Broadband customers have received a free over-the-air upgrade that unlocks the potential of 60/20 speeds on their services. This has already been activated on all Acceler8ed Broadband services, and requires only that customers reboot their routers to be able to access the increased speed potential.

With this upgrade Acceler8ed Broadband is the fastest Fixed Wireless broadband service available in Gippsland, exceeding the national option.

When considering your broadband options, you may like to ask yourself:
* Is my broadband service capable of download speeds exceeding 50Mbps?
* Is my broadband service reliable?
* When there is a problem, does my provider have direct access to the network and technicians for faster resolution?
* Can I call a local support desk staffed by local people when I need assistance?
* Is my broadband service free of artificial speed caps that force me to pay more to go faster?

DCSI’s Acceler8ed Broadband is the only service that checks all the boxes. Call us now on 1300 66 55 75 to find out how to make the switch to Gippsland’s premium broadband option, exclusive to DCSI, or view our plan range and submit your application online.