DCSI Joins Swoop

DCSI is excited to be joining forces with Swoop following their acquisition of DCSI and Anycast Networks earlier this month.

This merger has secured the ongoing operations of DCSI’s Warragul home base, with 100% retention of DCSI staff and management. With future employment opportunities anticipated that will preference local residents, DCSI/Swoop will continue to be a significant employer in the Warragul region.

DCSI’s investment in developing Acceler8ed Broadband to serve the West Gippsland area has aligned neatly with Swoop’s core Fixed Wireless services in their local region, and the united company intend to continue to invest in Fixed Wireless network upgrades and expansion.

Still proudly Australian-owned and locally operated, DCSI’s rebranding will be skin-deep. Forthcoming design changes to invoices, customer portal, website, signage, and promotional materials will roll out over several months, but the team’s commitment to customer service excellence and great value, high quality broadband services will remain the same.

“This acquisition is as much about bringing two teams of great people together as it is about the growth in the size of the business” Alex West – CEO, Swoop.

“Swoop and DCSI share a similar focus on providing a high-quality broadband service backed by a local support team. Uniting the two opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion, without requiring us to compromise our values” Jacob Carr – Former Managing Director, DCSI, and Head of Residential Services, Swoop.

Looking toward the future, DCSI/Swoop now have the people, systems, network, and know-how required to support its ambitious growth plans with a focus on remarkable people, culture, and systems to deliver the best customer service in Australian telecommunications.

If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to the team by emailing support@dcsi.net.au, or submitting a support ticket, or call 1300 66 55 75.