Scam Alert


This email is circulating. It is not genuine, and it is very important that you do not click the links and provide your details. We will never send you an email asking you to click a link to log in.

You’ll note that this email has gone to some effort to appear to be genuinely from DCSI, but none of the links in it go to our website. It also doesn’t make any sense – you do not need to change your payment method (or update your onfile credit card) in order to select a different plan.

Please be wary of emails that purport to be from us, or from any organisation you know and deal with. Look for the little clues, such as illogical propositions, links that go to unrelated third party sites and outdated organisation information (this uses an old version of our logo). You should always take the time to check with us if you are concerned – we are happy to confirm for you if we genuinely sent you an email.