Fixed Wireless – A 21st Century Broadband Internet Solution

In the 21st century, a home internet connection has emerged to be a conduit for work, for education, for access to health services, for financial services, and a vital communication link – all this, and on-demand streaming too. The days where you could shrug-off an outage and “just do something else” are long over. Your internet is as essential as power and water.

In short, in the 21st century, you need an internet solution that offers stability so you can rely on it, and the speed and capacity to handle the demands of modern life.

Enter Fixed Wireless Broadband, a 21st century broadband solution!

The advantages of Fixed Wireless Broadband include:

  • Ease of rollout – installation in as little as an hour; no need to dig up your driveway, or your street.
  • Blistering speeds – the sky is the limit when the sky is the conduit.
  • Cost-competitive – offering all the advantages of state-of-the-art technology without the high price tag, Fixed Wireless pricing can hold its own against Fixed Line connections of similar speeds.
  • Reliability, reliability, reliability. No cables to dig up or rot in the ground, just broadcast signal – like TV.

Acceler8ed Broadband takes the advantages of Fixed Wireless, and adds even more.

  • Unlike big, impersonal networks, Acceler8ed Broadband is built and maintained by a permanent team of Fixed Wireless experts. They have the know-how, and they have been involved in every point of deployment of the network – that makes them Acceler8ed experts.
  • The best service from a technical support team who are experienced and well trained, and selected for their skills in customer support. We believe regional people deliver a better quality of service than metro can offer, and that’s why we value our Gippsland support team so much.

Give us a call on 1300 66 55 75 and ask us if Acceler8ed Broadband is the right choice for you.

Use Two-Factor Authentication To Protect Your Security

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security to help protect your accounts and services. Usually used in addition to a password, it’s a second identity check to make sure you’re the authorised account holder.

Why Do I Need More Than Just A Password?

Passwords are inherently flawed for several reasons.
· Humans have poor memories, so we choose simple passwords that are easy to remember… and hack.
· We ought to use password managers to help us make unique passwords for every account. Still, many of us just keep recycling the same basic passwords for everything.
· We underestimate how complex a password should be, and how quickly a password can be hacked when it lacks complexity.
· We have security fatigue – we just need so many passwords in our lives, we just give up and resort to the same simple string on everything.
· We don’t always understand how many mainstream, credible websites have been hacked, putting our login credentials out there to be shared by criminals. Most people have been affected by data breaches on major websites.

What Can Be Used for 2FA?

The implementations vary between sites and services, but you may have already used 2FA without realising it. Some examples of 2FA are:
· When you try to log in, or perform an account action, the site requires you to enter a code sent to your on-file mobile phone via SMS before you can continue.
· When you have to answer a pre-arranged question, like your first street, first pet or mother’s maiden name.
· Entering the CVC from the back of your credit card before your payment will process.
· An authenticator device or app, like Google or Steam’s authenticators, that generate a new code every sixty seconds.
Two-Factor Authentication is any security check that uses the second piece of data to confirm your identity, in addition to your password.

Who Should Use 2FA?

You should. That is, if you have any password-protected accounts with apps, organisations or services that offer 2FA, then you should use 2FA. It is your best defence against the ever-growing risk of scam activity.

Exciting news as Swoop prepares for public listing

You may have heard the buzz that Swoop Telecommunications is to be publicly listed on the ASX. We’re very excited about this, because it means we’ll be raising funds for the expansion of our services and network, including our flagship residential service, Acceler8ed Broadband.

This change doesn’t affect our day-to-day operations, management team, Warragul-based support desk or pricing. It just puts Swoop on the ASX, and furthers our plans to expand our network into more and more areas. Watch this space for further developments over the next few months.

Read the press release here.

Media coverage:

Phone Scams

Report scams to the ACCC’s Scamwatch:
Report scams to us: or call us on 1300 66 55 75
If you have been scammed, take immediate action. The Scamwatch site has a list of actions you can take:

Phone Scams

Scammers are always about, and always looking for new ways to practice deception. No article we can write can take the place of your own diligence. In any conversation, consider:

  • Do I really know who I am speaking to? Can I verify that?
  • Does what they are saying actually make sense?
  • Is this typical of the organization I think I’m dealing with?
  • Are there any steps I can take to protect myself before I hand over personal information?

Legitimate callers will understand if you wish to hang up and phone them back using a number you’ve looked up yourself. There is no better use of your time than this – you can’t get back information once you’ve disclosed it to a scammer.

Keep yourself informed: subscribe to Scamwatch Radar and receive scam alerts to your inbox.

Things We Won’t Do

  • We won’t use a recorded message to tell you we’re disconnecting your services.
  • We won’t require you to provide us payment in gift cards.
  • We won’t direct you to use a website that isn’t
  • We won’t tell you that you can’t hang up and call us back to confirm you’re really speaking to us. If you receive any odd calls claiming to be from us, please hang up and call us back to check. Only use our public contact number to call us: 1300 66 55 75.
  • We won’t use NBN to contact you regarding issues with your account or with your VoIP phone service.

Clues To Look Out For

  • Scammers will usually try to impersonate a well-known organization, business or government department.
  • They may claim there’s a situation that will have legal ramifications for you.
  • They may call claiming there’s an issue with a service you receive, or they may seek financial details to process a “refund” or other payment.
  • They may claim there’s a problem with your computer, and try to get access to it.
  • They may try to make you feel the situation is urgent to pressure you into a quick reaction before you have a chance to think.

Examples of Common Phone Scams

New scams arise all the time, and old ones are modified to keep them fresh, so this shouldn’t be considered an exhaustive list. This list is only some of the types of scam calls that are reported in Australia.

NBN Calling

If you are a Swoop Broadband customer, then we are your point of contact for all NBN and phone issues. NBN will never call you directly to threaten you with disconnection. NBN will not call you about issues with your VoIP phone.

Disconnection Threats

Automated dialers that tell you your service will be cut off unless you press 1 are a scam call. We will never use an automatic dialer or voice recording to contact you about important account information.

ATO Threats

The ATO will not call you and demand you settle a debt by gift card, such as iTunes cards or Google Play cards. Legitimate companies and real government departments and agencies never accept gift cards as payment.

Survey Scams

Scammers have been calling and asking about your financial institution as part of a so-called survey. They ask for your BSB, which tells them the name and branch of your bank. Weeks later they call back and use their knowledge of your bank to try to convince you they are genuinely calling from your financial institution. Don’t ever give out any part of your bank details to survey takers.

Report scams to the ACCC’s Scamwatch:
Report scams to us: or call us on 1300 66 55 75
If you have been scammed, take immediate action. The Scamwatch site has a list of actions you can take:


Updating Your Outgoing (SMTP) Email Password

An email client is a program you use to view and send email. Popular email clients include Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and Samsung Mail, and many more. If you access your email by clicking on a program or app, rather than via your internet browser, you probably use an email client.

Changing your outgoing (SMTP) password is easy, and we have instructions for some commonly-used mail clients.




Mac Mail

In the Mail Menu, access Preferences

Under Accounts, look for your @dcsi email address in the left panel.

Go to the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section, and update your password in the password field.

Be sure to Save your changes



iPhone Mail

From your iPhone settings screen, go into Accounts. and then click through to your DCSI email account

Under Outgoing Mail Server, go to SMTP


Enter the new password




How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wi-Fi Connection

Experiencing slow speeds and dropouts on your internet connection? The culprit might be right inside your house. As we move increasingly to wireless connections in our homes, Wi-Fi performance issues are becoming more prevalent.

Wi-Fi issues have become so widespread that nbnco have put out a handy guide that is relevant to all Wi-Fi users, not just those connected to nbn. Their key advice centres around the placement of your home modem or router. Points they ask you to consider:

  • Is your router placed in the centre of your home? Consider your Wi-Fi signal range as a radius extending from the router itself, becoming weaker as it travels. Placing your router as close as possible to the centre of your home will give you better coverage. Consider how and where you use your devices – the router should be as close as possible to the centre of your usage zone, which might mean you actually locate the router closer to the end of the house if that is where all your devices are located and used.
  • Is your router elevated? NBN advise that, for best results, your router will ideally be 2 metres off the ground, and you will not have obstructions between the router and the devices that connect to it. A router at a higher elevation is less likely to be obstructed.
  • Are there any Wi-Fi dampeners between your router and your devices? Objects block signal, and  the more objects your signal passes through, the weaker it will get. Consider relocating moveable objects that may be dampening the signal between your router and your devices, such as fish tanks, appliances or other objects. Walls themselves will also degrade the signal, but are less easy to relocate – in this case, it may be better to relocate the router itself.
  • Do you have too many devices connected? Wi-Fi may degrade if many devices are using it simultaneously. If you have devices that can be cabled in to the router, such as Smart TVs, desktop PCs or other ethernet-enabled devices, you will free up more bandwidth for the devices that must be Wi-Fi connected such as phones, tablets and devices that don’t have ethernet ports.
  • Does your router match your needs? The way we use internet in our homes has changed over time, and so have the routers that deliver our connections. Your older router may not be as efficient or effective at supplying your devices. Consider if it is time to upgrade.
  • 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz? Our article on Spectrum Crunch goes into more detail, but the short answer is: If available on your router and on your device, 5Ghz is usually a better choice, but 2.4Ghz might come into its own if you are far from the router, or have a lot of internal obstacles, such as walls, that reduce your WiFi range.

To read the nbn guide in full, visit

This article was first published on November 19, 2020, and was updated on 18 March 2021.

Scam Alert


This email is circulating. It is not genuine, and it is very important that you do not click the links and provide your details. We will never send you an email asking you to click a link to log in.

You’ll note that this email has gone to some effort to appear to be genuinely from DCSI, but none of the links in it go to our website. It also doesn’t make any sense – you do not need to change your payment method (or update your onfile credit card) in order to select a different plan.

Please be wary of emails that purport to be from us, or from any organisation you know and deal with. Look for the little clues, such as illogical propositions, links that go to unrelated third party sites and outdated organisation information (this uses an old version of our logo). You should always take the time to check with us if you are concerned – we are happy to confirm for you if we genuinely sent you an email.


DCSI Joins Swoop

DCSI is excited to be joining forces with Swoop following their acquisition of DCSI and Anycast Networks earlier this month.

This merger has secured the ongoing operations of DCSI’s Warragul home base, with 100% retention of DCSI staff and management. With future employment opportunities anticipated that will preference local residents, DCSI/Swoop will continue to be a significant employer in the Warragul region.

DCSI’s investment in developing Acceler8ed Broadband to serve the West Gippsland area has aligned neatly with Swoop’s core Fixed Wireless services in their local region, and the united company intend to continue to invest in Fixed Wireless network upgrades and expansion.

Still proudly Australian-owned and locally operated, DCSI’s rebranding will be skin-deep. Forthcoming design changes to invoices, customer portal, website, signage, and promotional materials will roll out over several months, but the team’s commitment to customer service excellence and great value, high quality broadband services will remain the same.

“This acquisition is as much about bringing two teams of great people together as it is about the growth in the size of the business” Alex West – CEO, Swoop.

“Swoop and DCSI share a similar focus on providing a high-quality broadband service backed by a local support team. Uniting the two opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion, without requiring us to compromise our values” Jacob Carr – Former Managing Director, DCSI, and Head of Residential Services, Swoop.

Looking toward the future, DCSI/Swoop now have the people, systems, network, and know-how required to support its ambitious growth plans with a focus on remarkable people, culture, and systems to deliver the best customer service in Australian telecommunications.

If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to the team by emailing, or submitting a support ticket, or call 1300 66 55 75.


Acceler8ed Broadband Receives Upgrade

As we’ve followed the emerging COVID-19 situation closely, we’ve observed a huge change in usage patterns over the last few weeks. This is particularly evident in the Waterford Rise estate, which has seen consumption surge 30% in 72 hours. We have been scrambling to bring in new capacity at short notice.

In the last week of March 2020, we performed a first-of-its-kind for DCSI when we deployed a 10gbps millimetre wave radio backhaul to support our primary POP covering the Waterford Rise estate and beyond. This link replaced a 1gbps link, with peak load about 900mbps. Since the upgrade we have seen peak loads of 1.06gbps and 1.24gbps on consecutive nights, well below total capacity. This has resulted in Acceler8ed Broadband continuing to perform at or above pre-COVID-19 restriction levels, even with the unprecedented increase in demand.

You haven’t missed your opportunity to get on Acceler8ed – our install teams are still working and connecting residences. Call us today to book your install, on 1300 66 55 75, or sign up online at Our Unlimited $90 plan with $0 install (on 11 month contract) has been an outstanding success, and is the defacto “default” plan across Waterford Rise now, but we have plans for all households starting from $50/month.

Our preparations for COVID-19 have ensured we have a resilient and robust network, more than ready for the challenge. This is why Acceler8ed Broadband is your best choice to work, study and play from home as we get through this difficult time. Our agility and dilligence to ensure top notch service means we will continue to upgrade and mange backhaul capacity as usage patterns change over the course of the pandemic lockdown.

Suspension of Storefront Operations/COVID-19 Update

With the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic still emerging as a threat to the health and wellbeing of our Team and our Customers, we will be suspending operations at our Queen St Warragul store at 5:30pm today, and we will not reopen it until further notice. We predict it may be several weeks before the store reopens. Phone and email support will continue as usual.

If you are accustomed to coming into the store to pay your account, please make alternative arrangements for next month, as the store may not be reopened before your next account is due. We offer a variety of other payment options including:
• BPAY via your internet banking
• Direct debit from your bank account (must be set up prior to 27 March to take effect for April)
• Automatic credit card payments
• Payment via the portal
• Call to pay over the phone on 1300 66 55 75
See for more details.

Technical support is available as usual over the phone or via support ticket or email. Some members of our Call Centre team have already commenced working from home, so please understand that there may be background noises during the support call that are not generally typical of the Call Centre.

At this stage there are no delays with our Field Operations. We anticipate our wholesale partners may experience increased demand and/or reduced workforce capacity, and this has the potential to impact turnaround times. We will keep you informed.

We are here to help with any issues that arise or any queries you may have regarding your service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or via the customer portal, or over the phone.