Exciting news as Swoop prepares for public listing

You may have heard the buzz that Swoop Telecommunications is to be publicly listed on the ASX. We’re very excited about this, because it means we’ll be raising funds for the expansion of our services and network, including our flagship residential service, Acceler8ed Broadband.

This change doesn’t affect our day-to-day operations, management team, Warragul-based support desk or pricing. It just puts Swoop on the ASX, and furthers our plans to expand our network into more and more areas. Watch this space for further developments over the next few months.

Read the press release here.

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DCSI Joins Swoop

DCSI is excited to be joining forces with Swoop following their acquisition of DCSI and Anycast Networks earlier this month.

This merger has secured the ongoing operations of DCSI’s Warragul home base, with 100% retention of DCSI staff and management. With future employment opportunities anticipated that will preference local residents, DCSI/Swoop will continue to be a significant employer in the Warragul region.

DCSI’s investment in developing Acceler8ed Broadband to serve the West Gippsland area has aligned neatly with Swoop’s core Fixed Wireless services in their local region, and the united company intend to continue to invest in Fixed Wireless network upgrades and expansion.

Still proudly Australian-owned and locally operated, DCSI’s rebranding will be skin-deep. Forthcoming design changes to invoices, customer portal, website, signage, and promotional materials will roll out over several months, but the team’s commitment to customer service excellence and great value, high quality broadband services will remain the same.

“This acquisition is as much about bringing two teams of great people together as it is about the growth in the size of the business” Alex West – CEO, Swoop.

“Swoop and DCSI share a similar focus on providing a high-quality broadband service backed by a local support team. Uniting the two opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion, without requiring us to compromise our values” Jacob Carr – Former Managing Director, DCSI, and Head of Residential Services, Swoop.

Looking toward the future, DCSI/Swoop now have the people, systems, network, and know-how required to support its ambitious growth plans with a focus on remarkable people, culture, and systems to deliver the best customer service in Australian telecommunications.

If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to the team by emailing support@dcsi.net.au, or submitting a support ticket, or call 1300 66 55 75.


Acceler8ed Broadband Receives Upgrade

As we’ve followed the emerging COVID-19 situation closely, we’ve observed a huge change in usage patterns over the last few weeks. This is particularly evident in the Waterford Rise estate, which has seen consumption surge 30% in 72 hours. We have been scrambling to bring in new capacity at short notice.

In the last week of March 2020, we performed a first-of-its-kind for DCSI when we deployed a 10gbps millimetre wave radio backhaul to support our primary POP covering the Waterford Rise estate and beyond. This link replaced a 1gbps link, with peak load about 900mbps. Since the upgrade we have seen peak loads of 1.06gbps and 1.24gbps on consecutive nights, well below total capacity. This has resulted in Acceler8ed Broadband continuing to perform at or above pre-COVID-19 restriction levels, even with the unprecedented increase in demand.

You haven’t missed your opportunity to get on Acceler8ed – our install teams are still working and connecting residences. Call us today to book your install, on 1300 66 55 75, or sign up online at https://dcsi.net.au/acceler8ed. Our Unlimited $90 plan with $0 install (on 11 month contract) has been an outstanding success, and is the defacto “default” plan across Waterford Rise now, but we have plans for all households starting from $50/month.

Our preparations for COVID-19 have ensured we have a resilient and robust network, more than ready for the challenge. This is why Acceler8ed Broadband is your best choice to work, study and play from home as we get through this difficult time. Our agility and dilligence to ensure top notch service means we will continue to upgrade and mange backhaul capacity as usage patterns change over the course of the pandemic lockdown.

NBN Unlimited Plans Available Now

Despite what we’ve said before…

NBN Unlimited Plans Available Now On Fixed Line Services (Fibre to the Node/Premises/Basement/Curb and HFC)

“DCSI doesn’t offer NBN Unlimited plans because we don’t want to sign people on to restrictive speed tiers, add sneaky reasonable use policies, oversell to our low consuming customers, trap consumers on contracts, undersupply CVC, allow power users to degrade the service, or move to an off-shore support desk. We just want to offer a reasonably priced NBN service backed by a great support team.” DCSI – April, 2018

When we wrote this, we meant every word… but you have been speaking to us, and you’ve told us loudly and clearly “We just want Unlimited”.

Well… we’ve listened.

Our wholesale supplier has recently introduced CVC bundles, which reduces overall CVC costs allowing more allocation per service. This means many of our original objections to Unlimited plans have become redundant.

It also frees us up to offer Unlimited across the Standard, Standard Plus and Premium speed tiers. To ensure we’re not overselling to people who just don’t need unlimited data, we’ve also retained an NBN Basic plan with 100GB of data, allowing low-consuming users a very good option.

And NBN users, take note: we’re offering all this with no upfront installation* and no contracts.

“DCSI now offers NBN Unlimited plans because we don’t have to sign people on to restrictive speed tiers, add sneaky reasonable use policies, oversell to our low consuming customers, trap consumers on contracts, undersupply CVC, allow power users to degrade the service, or move to an off-shore support desk. We still offer a reasonably priced NBN service backed by a great support team, and now with Unlimited data too!” DCSI – November, 2019.

NBN Fixed Wireless

NBN Fixed Wireless services now have their own separate range of plans.

We will no longer offer NBN Fixed Wireless Standard Plus speed tier (50/20Mbps) as NBNco have advised this speed tier will be discontinued in December 2019. Existing customers have been contacted and assisted to select a new plan. If you subscribe to an NBN50 Fixed Wireless plan and need assistance choosing a new plan, please contact us.

The new range of plans reflects the increase support and delivery costs of NBN Fixed Wireless services, and the maximum data allowance is capped at 1TB per service as part of our efforts to ensure we are not contributing to the network congestion issues that have played such a big role in degrading the performance of NBN Fixed Wireless.

Acceler8ed Broadband is available as an alternative in many Gippsland-based NBN Fixed Wireless areas, offering a maximum speed of 60/20Mbps and Unlimited plans. If you are interested in finding out what it would take to switch, we’re only too happy to help. Email support@dcsi.net.au or phone 1300 66 55 75 to find out if Acceler8ed is available to you.

*NBN New Development Fee may apply to the first connection to a premises. We can advise if this fee applies at the time of sign-up.

Unlimited Acceler8ed and OptiComm – Now Available!


Acceler8ed Broadband

We’ve invested heavily into the Acceler8ed Broadband network to ensure it has the speed, stability and capacity to meet demand without compromising the quality of the service. We’re now certain that we’re ready to take that next step.

Yes, Unlimited plans are now available on our very own Acceler8ed Broadband!

To recap for those who aren’t familiar with Acceler8ed Broadband, it is the flagship in our broadband line-up. Acceler8ed Broadband is available exclusively in Gippsland and delivers unrivalled speeds on our own dedicated network – it’s the broadband alternative you’ve been looking for, and it’s locally owned, locally serviced and locally supported. Now that you can have UNLIMITED data with maximum speed of 60/20Mbps (Typical Evening Speed: 56Mbps), it’s better than ever before. We’ve also introduced a 12 month contract option exclusively for Acceler8ed Broadband to get you up and running without the upfront installation cost.

We’ve also retained some data capped plans for light and medium users, making sure that Acceler8ed still offers something for every household.

The Plans

100GB data – $50/month (total min. cost $350)
250GB data – $70/month (total min. cost $370)
Unlimited data – $90/month (total min. cost $390)
New development fee of $300 if a technician visit is required to install, repair, or upgrade the equipment on your rooftop, and optionally supply a WiFi router.
Or $0 for install on Unlimited $90 if you agree to an 11 month contract (total minimum cost $990).


Our OptiComm plans have also gone unlimited. We’ve always offered the best value OptiComm plans, and our new Unlimited range is no exception. The same great, reliable OptiComm service but without the data cap – sensational!

The Plans

OptiComm25 – Unlimited – $60/month – $76 activation for new customers (Total min. cost $136)
OptiComm50 – Unlimited – $70/month – $76 activation for new customers (Total min. cost $146)
OptiComm100 – Unlimited – $90/month – $76 activation for new customers (Total min. cost $166)


Existing Acceler8ed and OptiComm customers will continue on their current plans, or they can opt in to the new plans by logging into the customer portal at http://simple.dcsi.net.au and changing their plan, or by emailing support@dcsi.net.au, or by calling 1300 66 55 75.


Acceler8ed Has Been Accelerated

With the successful launch of our Acceler8ed Broadband service in 2017, DCSI gave Gippslanders an alternative option for 50/20 broadband that delivered the benefits of an locally owned and serviced network with a focus on quality and reliability. The popularity of our Acceler8ed Broadband boomed as we expanded our service area and opened up terabyte-plus plans, and through it all we kept the cost of the service competitive with the national option.

Now we’ve gone a step further. Acceler8ed Broadband customers have received a free over-the-air upgrade that unlocks the potential of 60/20 speeds on their services. This has already been activated on all Acceler8ed Broadband services, and requires only that customers reboot their routers to be able to access the increased speed potential.

With this upgrade Acceler8ed Broadband is the fastest Fixed Wireless broadband service available in Gippsland, exceeding the national option.

When considering your broadband options, you may like to ask yourself:
* Is my broadband service capable of download speeds exceeding 50Mbps?
* Is my broadband service reliable?
* When there is a problem, does my provider have direct access to the network and technicians for faster resolution?
* Can I call a local support desk staffed by local people when I need assistance?
* Is my broadband service free of artificial speed caps that force me to pay more to go faster?

DCSI’s Acceler8ed Broadband is the only service that checks all the boxes. Call us now on 1300 66 55 75 to find out how to make the switch to Gippsland’s premium broadband option, exclusive to DCSI, or view our plan range and submit your application online.

Update! New Portal Features including Port Blocking Options.

The DCSI customer portal has been updated and includes new features for the use and maintenance of your DCSI broadband service including advanced features.

Router Configuration – the settings you need to configure your router. Although we despatch routers fully programmed, you may need these details if you have a BYO router, or if your router requires reprogramming for any reason.

Service Firewall – DCSI blocks the following ports for the security of our subscribers.
SMTP (TCP 25) connections to non-DCSI IP addresses
HTTP and HTTPS (TCP 80, 433) connections
DNS (UDP and TCP 53) requests
SNMP (UDP 161) requests
SSDP (UDP 1900) requests.

Generally this will not affect normal use of the service by average household subscribers, however some users may use services that require these ports to be unblocked. You can modify port blocking yourself through the Simple customer portal.

Static IP – DCSI IP addresses are “sticky” by default, which means they rarely change. This option allows you to add on the Static IP option for $5.50 per month.

Detailed explanations of how to use these features have been added to the customer portal article.

Video Tutorial: How to change your plan

As we’ve launched a new range of great value NBN plans this month, this is a great time to show you how you can go online and change your own plan any time you please! Click the video below to see how simple it is.

There is no fee for changing your plan, but if you select a more expensive plan you will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis. Plan upgrades take effect within 15 minutes. Plan downgrades take effect on the first day of the next month. You can change your plan online once in a 30 day period. To arrange another change within that period, or if you need assistance, please call us on 1300 66 55 75

Video Tutorial: How to submit a support ticket

If you have any reason to communicate with us, can you do so by submitting a support ticket. Support tickets can be useful for billing enquiries, questions about products and services, requesting assistance or reporting a fault.

If you are already a DCSI customer, you can submit a support ticket via our customer portal.