The Long-Awaited Launch of IPv6 Is Here

IP addresses are the “phone numbers” of the Internet – a unique identifier used to ensure that the traffic from point A (for example, a Netflix server) can get to point B (for example, your laptop) accurately and efficiently. Historically, IP version 4 (“IPv4”) has been used successfully to run the internet, but with available Read more about The Long-Awaited Launch of IPv6 Is Here[…]

Acceler8ed Goes TERABYTE

Following on from our launch earlier this year of DCSI’s premium Acceler8ed Fixed Wireless Service, we are now pleased to announce a SUPERSIZED plan for our superstar customers. Acceler8ed Wireless customers now have exclusive access to our Wireless ‘Five Star’ Plan. Included is a massive 1TB (that’s one thousand gigabytes!) of data, and the same great Acceler8ed Read more about Acceler8ed Goes TERABYTE[…]

Behind The Scenes: What’s Been Happening At DCSI

New Owners, New Technology, Same Great Local Service You may have noticed some big changes at DCSI over the last 6 months! With innovative new owners at the helm in local technology entrepreneurs Jacob Carr and Tom Berryman, DCSI is taking Gippsland internet service and support to an exciting new level. That means even better Read more about Behind The Scenes: What’s Been Happening At DCSI[…]