Updating Your Outgoing (SMTP) Email Password

An email client is a program you use to view and send email. Popular email clients include Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and Samsung Mail, and many more. If you access your email by clicking on a program or app, rather than via your internet browser, you probably use an email client.

Changing your outgoing (SMTP) password is easy, and we have instructions for some commonly-used mail clients.




Mac Mail

In the Mail Menu, access Preferences

Under Accounts, look for your @dcsi email address in the left panel.

Go to the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section, and update your password in the password field.

Be sure to Save your changes



iPhone Mail

From your iPhone settings screen, go into Accounts. and then click through to your DCSI email account

Under Outgoing Mail Server, go to SMTP

Pick outgoing.dcsi.net.au

Enter the new password




New Windows Update

Is your data usage up a little this month?
Microsoft have released Windows 10, version 1903. This large release addresses many bugs and we encourage you to update if it is available to you. For households with low data allowances, or who have several devices that will all download this update, it may result in an unexpected spike in your data usage this month. Keep that in mind if you’re wondering what’s been pushing you towards your data limit.

DCSI does not charge for excessive use, so if you reach your limit, we’ll just slow you down until your data reset date. You can buy more data with full control over how much you spend, just by picking up a data pack through the customer portal.